In the weeks leading up to , Petfood Industry will present a series of insights (collectively called “Petfood Forum 101”) on how newcomers to the annual global conference and tradeshow can get the most out of their attendance. For the last two years, the series has explained  various facets of Petfood Forum for those who may not be familiar with the show’s many offerings. For 2020, the focus will shift to the benefits of various aspects of Forum to those attending or exhibiting.

petfood forum 2020 will be held april 27–29 in kansas city, missouri, usa.


“petfood forum 101” aims to explain why forum is worth your time — why, for example, should you walk the show floor? or why should you make time to check out the student program? returning attendees or exhibitors should also tune in for new insights, ideas and opportunities for the 2020 show.

highlights will include show overviews as well as deeper dives into particular elements of petfood forum, including the tradeshow, educational sessions and, most popularly, networking opportunities. long-time petfood forum attendees and exhibitors will provide insights on how they’ve made the most of their yearly attendance and why they continue to return each year.


  • Why should you attend Petfood Forum?
  • Why should you attend our keynotes?
  • Why should you stop by our Student Program sessions?
  • Why should you attend our networking events?
  • Why should you visit our exhibiting ingredient suppliers?
  • Why should you visit our exhibiting extrusion experts?


The Petfood Forum 101 program will begin on February 24, 2020 with the topic, “Why should you attend Petfood Forum 2020?” Content will be available on mkyd581.cn中国3d打印 and , and will hit your inbox via related Petfood Forum communications.

For any questions about Petfood Forum 101, please contact Lindsay Beaton, managing editor of Petfood Industry magazine, at